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Just a day to day, or week to week, account of a mom, teacher, friend, wife, and regular everyday busy woman!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 61 Sure Thing

Jesus always knew just what to say. He called Herod out by calling him a fox and telling him that HE would keep doing what He was doing. How I wish that I could be like that. I know that there are times when I should speak up, but I don't. I know I don't like conflict and confrontation, so I keep quiet. Other times, I don't know what to say. Then again, there are a few times when I fly off at the mouth and get myself into trouble. So I have learned to keep quiet...most of the time.
There have been times when I have been direct. But those times have been few. And in those times, I have always felt something inside me that didn't feel like me, making me do it and that is just not who I am. So I am not always direct. Or maybe the word I am looking for is that bold.
My husband can say anything to just about anyone. He is not intimidated by many. He uses this at the appropriate times, most of the time, but he is bold when it comes to being direct. He usually justifies his words by ending with "It's the truth." Now wether or not I agree with his "truth" all the time is different, but when it comes to letting others know his feelings, he is unafraid. I wish that I could have just a little bit of the confidence to say what I think is my "truth" when it comes to the "Herods" in my life.

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