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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Watch Me Dance!

You know, this is just little ol' me, but here, I think that God wants us to see how important we are. In verse 20, it says, " not rejoice that spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven." He is saying that we are just as important as those who we seek to save along with us. If we don't value that, we can't convince others that it is worth it too. Those around us and those who we are sent to find will see through the "mask."
And yes, we should still seek the lost, but we should rejoice that He has our name written in the Book of Life along with every name we get to help add.
My image of Jesus never included one of the Son dancing and leaping for joy, but why should He not? Why should His life not be full of celebration too? As I sit here and think about it more, I can't help but think that Jesus was a person. Flesh and bones, just like us. We can't relate to anyone who is not like us. If we only see Jesus as this somber, Holy figure, we will never be able to become more like the person He was too. Just like we read before, Jesus took baths, combed his hair, felt hunger, sorrow, and joy. We can't forget that He was like us. He was sent for the people of the world. And aren't we all flesh and bone underneath it all, just like Christ? The only thing that separates us from them is that they have never opened their hearts to this idea. And it is our job to at least plant the seed of life so that it may grow until they are ready to blossom with the love that God has given to them too.

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