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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Enemy's True Colors

This story brought to mind an event that I experienced before I became a Christian. I was out one night, I had been to a bar and shut that one down. Then the people I was with decided that they wanted to go to an after hours club. I was ready to go. So we find this club, wait in line and get in after some waiting. Because it was an after hours club, it meant that you had to bring whatever you wanted to drink with you. I didn't want to take anything, I was fine with water. But when we get there and started walking around this building, I got this really strange feeling. Like I shouldn't be there. I soon found out that the building in which we were "partying" in was formerly an church. As I looked around inside, there were all sorts of people. I saw things that I wish I had never seen. I stood beside two people as drugs and money exchanged hands! The bad feeling continued to get stronger. I didn't want to be there one second longer.
I was not yet a Christian, but being in a former house of the Lord with people doing the things they were doing was not okay with me. This was a house built for God, and there was a DJ in the pulpit, drugs in the sanctuary, and drinking in the basement. I knew in just a few seconds that the devil was at work in that place. I have never forgotten that experience. I never will. I stood in the midst of satan's handywork. I am sure that he was smiling as all of that went on, every night. I saw what hell would look like, and I decided then and there that I would not be apart of anything like that again.

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