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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shooting Stars

Who can forget the day the world met sweet little Britney or Lindsey? You know who I am talking about. We all thought they were the best role models for girls. They seemed to be well rounded young women. Then they were tempted by one thing or another and the whole world saw their mistakes. What about good ol' Tiger? When they first came on the scene we rolled out the red carpet like Beth Moore described. When Jesus came into Nazareth, the people rolledout the red carpet for Him. They listened to Him. They listened to the melody coming from his lips. They didn't HEAR what he was saying. The only thing those people heard were the things they wanted to. Then they formed their opinions and had changed their tune about him. I see this relation in today's time too. When we hear the things we want to about someone, we form our opinions, especially about celebrities who have made bad choices, and we are ready to shoot the stars!

Instead of trying to fall into the trap of running messenger out of town, we should really try to think about why we didn't get the message. Or maybe we get mad at the messenger because he/she has struck a chord in us. The message was meant for us to hear and we needed to hear it, we were guilty of what was being preached and we are caught in the middle of making the choice to acknowledge it and change or ignore it and go on with the way we have. God never told us that we would always welcome change. He never says that making the choice to change would be easy. Often, it is easier to do what is wrong. In the case of celebrities, we never hear about the good choices they make. The big news is in when they mess up. The whole world sees their mistakes because of who they are.


  1. Tiger was my immediate thought. I wonder though how often some one cut ties with us because we were their "Tiger?' I know I lost a lot of friends when I became a Christian and starting growing closer to God. Not because I was better than others, just different. Our values were different.

  2. I am beginning to see how people treat us differently. When Ash told his friends in Nashville that he thought he was being called into ministry, they immediately began to treat us differently. Every once in a while I will add this blog link to my facebook page. The last time I did, I put as my status that I was really excited about what this study is doing for me and my views. I also put that if you haven't met my Friend you really should. A friend from high school commented on my link. His comment really offended me. It was "ugh" Ugh? What is that supposed to mean? This guy's part time job is a justice of the peace!!! And he said "ugh" to my link? I guess he just doesn't understand it, but it drives home your point that others treat us different.
    I don't think I'm better, as a matter of fact, I probably am my biggest critic. I don't like to think that I could think I have a "holier than thou" attitude. I am just trying to do the best I can to please my God. I know that it is not my job to pass judgement of others, and I try to remember that. I know that I fail and my mouth gets the best of me sometimes, but I am seeing now that when I put my faith out there for others to see, I will be someone's Tiger.