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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mary's Song

I have spent some time looking and listening for songs today for our children's choir. I find it so appropriate that God planned for today to be the day we study Mary's song!

I think that when we sing our praises to God, we really can tell alot about what is important to them in what they say. I know that when I pray for the kids during children's choir that I always praise Him for those who are there, giving us another day to worship Him, and then I always make sure to pray for a good school week. Of course I pray for the people or things the kids make requests for, but the school thing I always add. It is just as much for them as it is for me. I am thankful to the Lord that after all these years of trying to finish college, I finally made it and I can follow my dream. I make sure to praise Him for that every chance I get. Even when I have had a really bad day, I still try to praise God for allowing me to be a teacher. Like us, Mary praised God by telling us what was important to her. I hope that I can follow in her example. No wonder our Lord chose her to carry the most precious gift!

I was trying to come up with my own thoughts but because I have listened to about 40 songs today, it was difficult for me to think of something on my own. Normally I can, so if this sounds familiar, please forgive me!

God made me who I am.

He made me just the way he wants me to be.

Nothing can ever change me, cause I am who He said I'd be.

Praise the Lord for it's Him to whom I sing!

My life has not always been one pleasing to Him,

But He still loves me and I love Him!

Thank you Lord for saving me,

Thank you Lord for freeing me!

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