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Monday, January 10, 2011

There IS something about that Name!

When I think of His name, I think of hope, faith, promise, power, wisdom, Comfortor, Healer, Friend, my Savior. I can think of so many more things that He is.
It makes me think about my name. I know that my name does not evoke as many feelings, adjectives, or emotions as the name of Jesus. Nor should it. His Name is the most important name in my life.
I have not always known that name. I grew up in a household where religion was not taught. I don't blame my parents, I know that God had that in His Plan for me. My husband introduced me to Him. And now I cannot thank him enough for the gift he has given me. I have been a Christian now for just about eight years. And it was just eight short years ago that I had my firstborn son too.
I cannot even begin to imagine what Mary must have thought when she was told by Gabriel that she would carry and give birth to God's Son. I know that I would have been full of questions. Who was that? What am I going to do with God's Son? What will happen when I tell my family? What is so special about me? But I am so thankful that she did it.
I hope that through this study of Jesus, I can grow stronger in faith, trust Him more and let go of things that have passed or are out of my control. I want to depend less on me, and more on Him. For He is my Rock, my salvation.
So thank you Natasha, for inviting me to take part in this. You are a dear friend and I am so happy that God planned for our paths to cross.
I pray that all who choose to participate will open our hearts, eyes, minds, and souls to what Jesus is saying to us. I thank Him for what He is planning in my life and pray a that this will be a wonderful journey for us.
In Jesus' precious name, I pray, Amen.

1 comment:

  1. Like you, I did not grow up in a religious home. I knew the name Jesus, but I didn't KNOW JESUS. Now, that we know Him, I think we have a responsibility to Him to "not embarrass Him. I think every thought, every word, and every action should reflect Him.

    I love you very much and I'm glad that God has brought us together. Thank you for joining in with me.