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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Proclaiming Provision

I will admit that this lesson is one I have struggled to connect to. I have gone through and read everyone's posts, but still I can't really connect to what it is I think I need to get from this. I do understand the scripture, yet I still can't connect.
With that said, I will comment on the questions posed to us at the beginning of the study.
It may be that I cannot fully comprehend what Christ has come to do in me yet. I can feel God telling me something. I feel it all the time. But then I rationalize. I try to guess what it is He wants me to do before He has told me. It could be that right now, He is simply preparing me for what is to come. Or, I may not be ready to receive His instructions. It could be that I have rationalized the direction He wants me to go too much and now I am left to figure out what I need to do again. So, in the meantime, I will ask for God's guidance, His patience, and His forgiveness for my human mind's rationalization.
Life wouldn't be life without suffering and difficulty. Life wouldn't be life with out joy and happiness too. These are the mountains and valleys in the landscape of our lives. Christ suffered for us. His life ended with suffering for you, for me, for the whole world. He fulfilled the Scripture. God didn't give us such a precious gift for us to just be on this earth and go through the motions or survive. He gave us His Son so that we could thrive.
I guess that is why I am having trouble with this. I wrote in my reflection that we have to get out of ourselves and open our hearts, minds, souls and ears to what God's plan is for our lives. I have not yet done this, so I cannot thrive in Him yet.
So I pray you and me today. I pray that we can break away from ourselves so that we can see what God has planned for us.

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