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Just a day to day, or week to week, account of a mom, teacher, friend, wife, and regular everyday busy woman!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tempting Invitations

When are we tempted? When we are weak. When are we weak? When we are hungry, when we are away from His Word, when we are away from His sons and daughters, when we are away from His plan for us.
I think that Beth Moore was absolutely correct in asking us to look at when we are tempted. If never stopped to think about when we are tempted, we will never learn to stay out of those situations that tempt us the most.
I know I find that when I have had a very bad day at work, I am tempted. This is a time when I let satan get the best of me because I have not remembered His Word. I don't have comfort in Him. I forget that He is in control. That is why I have put my new favorite scripture verse on my desk. (Psalm 25: 20-21) It is there to help remind me who is the One in control and how I should handle it. When I don't eat healthy or when I skip a meal, I am tempted. I do try to keep healthy snacks in my desk and try not to unhealthy food to keep at home. I know that if there is chocolate around, I will be very tempted to eat it. (or anything sweet) When I go visit friends who are not Christians, that is a very tempting time. They say and do things that I know are not pleasing to God. I don't want to be a bad friend, yet I am still not doing what God wants me to when I am around those people. That is a struggle I am still trying to overcome. I have to learn how to deal with these people in my life in a why that is pleasing to God. But I do know that I can not be around these people for too long, or I will fall back into my old ways and lose sight of the plans He has made for me. When things are going well for me, and I neglect to study His Word or praise Him for those good times, satan comes in to tempt me. Satan reminds me to get back on track. When we ignore what God wants for our lives I believe that this is an open door for satan to walk into our lives and push us to keep ignoring Him.
I know that I will fall into these temptations and others, but I know that I can count on my God to be there to help me climb back out of the pit.


  1. Also, I was thinking that stress is a big thing that causes us to fall into temptation. Is is a coincidence that stress and satan start with the same letter? I think not!

  2. You are exactly right. It is hard to live the life God wants us to when we are not surrounded by Christian people. New Year's Eve comes to mind :) Once we learn to deal with our temptations using God given strength, we can be an example to others.