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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What it's all about

I will admit that I have lost my child...on more than one account. I have never spent 3 days looking for her. Only just a few seconds. But those seconds feel like 3 days. Usually she will run off when we are at a store. At first I was scared to death that someone had taken her. I still do get scared when she disappears. BUT, I have learned after the first couple of times that she is not far, most of the time. Kylie likes to hide in the clothes racks at the store. So now, if she quickly disappears, I know to look there first. I know now where she will usually be. That doesn't mean I like where she is, I just know that I will find her there.
I think if Jesus was a pre-teen of today, He would tell Mary, "Duh, where else would I be?" Of course we would expect more of Him though! But I love how Beth Moore used the magnet example to illustrate how Jesus was drawn to God and His Word. He just couldn't get away from it because they were supposed to be together. Another example I can think of is using the Google Earth app. I was looking at a close up photo of my parents house in Ohio and touched a button on the app. Then there was this pop-up that asked if I would like the app to use my current location. I touched yes then all of a sudden, the app zoomed me out and the image of the Earth spun and then zoomed back into my house, all in a matter of a few seconds. It blew my mind! The power of God zoomed Jesus out of Mary and Joseph's sight then zoomed back to Him, as it naturally would.
We should be drawn to God like that. Not just because we have to, but because there is this force within us that draws us close to Him. I pray that through our journey, we will be drawn to the majestic power of God. I pray that we can zoom out of us and zoom back into the Lord because it is natural for us. It's the "Duh, where else would I want to be".

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  1. I love this description of zooming right in! Thank you for sharing this.